There is no-one on planet earth like Jimmy Kiss. A self-described ‘Jungle Man’ he likes to travel through the Cambodian countryside, chasing musical and spiritual inspiration.

With a guitar strapped to his motorbike he can quite literally be seen riding off into the sunset with village kids singing and cheering in his wake. Spreading his music heart-to-heart across the country he loves, his passion is tangible and expressed, unhindered, through his soulful voice. His humility is authentic, but make no mistake – he is one of the biggest stars in Cambodia and performs with the confidence and skill of a classic rock star. He raised to national fame with his hit, Baby I’m Sorry, produced by Songkites in 2014. The song stole the hearts of millions of Cambodians and is still high on everyone’s playlist. At times crooning for forgiveness then roaring his conviction for change, the song is still celebrated as a breath of fresh air and a benchmark for original songwriting in the country.

He has been called Cambodia’s Lionel Ritchie on account of his soulful voice, irresistible charm and wild hair. Others have recalled Tom Jones, Aerosmith and James Brown but in truth, when he swaggers on stage in a gold sequinned dinner jacket and hiking boots, arms stretched out in passion – there is no doubt he is entirely unique. With several more recent hits under his belt, he has begun touring internationally, with two tours to America in 2015 and a headlining concert in la Reunion Island with the band Dub Addiction.