Dear friends,

The whole team of the Audi International Jazz Festival Phnom Penh joins me in welcoming you for its second edition! After the success of last year’s edition, the audience, the Media and all of our partners have encouraged us to bring this second edition to life.

This year, we are very proud to welcome three very different international artists, with different backgrounds and from different musical universes. Some of them are travelling from Europe, and others were charmed by the Cambodian musical scene that was revealed to the world last year and have included Phnom Penh in their international tours. We hope that these international stars will make the Kingdom’s capital shine through them!

But we also have a real surprise this year. Three famous Cambodian pop artists have accepted to rise to the challenge of Jazz. They will be performing Jazz songs for the first time, following the footsteps of their elders, sixties crooners or romantic singers. Cambodia is an incredible country, filled with culture, smiles, generosity, hospitality and spirit of openness. Having lived here for the past four years, I have discovered a population with a natural fondness for the arts, and especially for music. Since I arrived, I was happy to witness lots of cultural development initiatives, by the government, foreign initiatives or local private initiatives. I believe that Cambodia is re-entering its artistic golden age from the sixties, which the dark Khmer Rouge period tried to annihilate.

For the 2016 edition, we have partnered with the music label KlapYaHandz, who shares with us the values of musical diversity and intercultural artistic exchanges. To us, Jazz knows no borders or castes. We are also very thankful to receive support from Audi for the second year. Audi is already well-known around the world for its support of the arts and of jazz in particular, they have allowed us to invite the world best-in-class Jazz artists.

Whatever your musical tastes are, this year program will make you fall for a bibop trio, a dancing funky jazz quarter, a khmer jazz experience or an enchanting American singer. Open up your ears to a rich and unmissable program.

In short, a great journey in an armchair.

Steven Gargadennec
Audi International Jazz Festival Phnom Penh Organiser